Unleash your Expert Brand - An introduction


Welcome to the 'BRAND POWER' audio training.

You're in the right place if you're keen to transform your business into an EXPERT brand.

With all introduction messages it's best to get the 'Housekeeping' out of the way, please read through the 'Roadmap' and the 'Secret Golden Nuggets' below before starting.

Today's challenges

We all know that the world of business has changed, and it's no longer enough to be great at your expertise, today's businesses have to stand out and attract customers on many levels both on and off line.

I've heard from many customers from numerous industries, how they're spiralling in a whirlpool of unfamiliarity.

This course has been written to give business owners the insight needed to work on their own business brand when faced with the following most common pain points:

  1. Decline in customer attraction
  2. Customer negotiations eroding profit margin
  3. Not able to attract and retain the right staff

Why Me and Why Now?

I meet many business owners and entrepreneurs through my network and I hear the same pain points over and over again. It's hard listening to the stories and hearing the negative effect it's having on their spiralling business and the stress that goes along with it, when I have the answer.

There have been numerous coffee chats over the years discussing business problems, which are in fact BRANDING problems.

My preference is a 'chai latte' over coffee, but still there are only so many 'chai lattes' you can have in a week.

Finally I had enough of skimming the surfaces of these business brand issues, so I decided to do something about it - less chai lattes for me and 12 modules of business brand training for you.

Now I've reduced down my coffee chats, I have more time to help more businesses.

This is why I've created this - for you.

The whole course will give you a greater understanding of how branding affects your business and if you're to take away anything from the training, it's these three points:

  1. An awareness of how your business brand is perceived by your customers - How to connect with your audience.
  2. An insight into opportunities to stand out in your industry and build your unique point of difference.
  3. And last but not least, a greater appreciation of how your brand encompasses all areas of your business.

Getting Involved

Working on your brand can be confronting and often challenging, but we're here to work with you.

Contact us: through our website and one of our consultants will get back to you.

Worksheets, worksheets, worksheets - These are the gold nuggets!

The more you put into your brand journey, the bigger the result, so remember that there are specific worksheets designed to get the most out of each module.


This will give your brand and business the best chance to succeed and stand out!

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Get started and Unleash your Expert Brand,

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